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Double Face Satin Personalized Favor Ribbons

Add a touch of elegance to your favors with our Personalized Double Face Satin Favor Ribbons. Double Face Satin Ribbons are soft & flexible, making them very easy to work with. Each ribbon measures approximately 12" long x 3/8" wide. All ribbons are cut and ready for use.

Names are printed on the left of the ribbon and occasion date is printed on the right. Your chosen design will be placed between the two names on the left (please place an '&' between the names when entering your info below to ensure correct placement of the design). If you are having the event name printed on the left side, rather than names, the design will be placed after the event name. The maximum length for your message is 35 letters and spaces total. This includes all names and event date. Designs count as 3 spaces.

Please note: Ribbons must be handled with care! Foil stamping adheres to the surface of the ribbon and does not bond like traditional ink. As a result, the foil printing may rub off if not handled with care. Personalized ribbons are NOT returnable or refundable under any circumstances.

Minimum order is 50 ribbons!

Click here to preview ribbon colors, fonts, and designs (opens in new window).

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Double Face Satin Personalized Favor Ribbons
Double Face Satin Personalized Favor RibbonsDouble Face Satin Personalized Favor Ribbons