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Social Media and your wedding

Social media plays a big role in our lives today, most people live their live through facebook and twitter even posting pictures on instagram. Social media has a place in your wedding planning but it doesnít have to consume your facebook page. There is no need to constantly update you facebook page with a countdown to your wedding, especially if you have a large amount of friends that you wonít be inviting. They may feel uncomfortable by this action.

The same goes for announcing your engagement no one likes to feel left out be sure to inform close family and friends first before plastering your new ring all over social media.

There are a lot of great things that social media can be used for when planning your wedding places like pintrest provide you with a great outlet of ideas and you can even create your own wedding website to keep everyone up to date on your wedding plans.

Providing your friends with a hash tag to post photos on instagram is a great way to take advantage of social media, you can take time after the honeymoon to reflect on the things that you may have missed out on at your wedding.

Donít rely souly on social media to keep your guest informed about you wedding. Remember that your great grand parents and the older family member may not be as computer savvy as you.

You may be compelled to use e-vites to invite your guest but still send paper invitations to those who do not reply to you e-vite and never, never send thank you emails. Thank you cards should always be hand written.

When planning your wedding use social media wisely but donít overwelm your self and rely on it entirely.