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The true cost of being a bridesmaid

So youíve been asked to be a bridesmaid, well before you accept this great honor and commitment there are a few things you need to think about.

TIME: Being a bridesmaid takes a lot of time. You are responsible for helping with the shower and of course the bachelorette party as well as attending the rehearsal dinner and all the dress fittings and alterations. You also maybe asked to attend the brides dress fitting and the bride will need help with favors, writing out the invitations, seating charts, and planning. These are important events that you will need to make appearances at. You can also expect late night last minute phone calls from a frantic bride when things donít go right. Itís not all fun and games itís a big responsibility.

THE DRESS: The dress, your shoes, stocking, and under garments are all up to you to pay for weather your friend is a price-conscious princess or a super fashionista. Expect to pay $200- $300 for a typical dress and $45- $65 for shoes. But everyone knows the dress never fits off the rack so expect the alteration fees to range from $150 -$200.

THE MAKE UP AND MORE: As a bridesmaid you are expected to look your best on the wedding day this means getting you hair, make up, and nails done. Some brides will be ok with you doing these things your self but there are many others that expect you to fork out the money and spend the day at the salon with them spending well over $200 for a very early wedding day morning of getting you hair, nails, and make up done.

THE PARTIES AND FOOD: Expect to split the expenses between the entire bridal party for the bridal shower and bachelorette party. These parties can become real expensive real fast. Even if you are keeping it very simple expect to pay at least $200- $300 for each party. Planning the wedding in the months before will likely include nights out or lots of take out so plan another $100 for food while helping to plan the wedding.

TRAVEL Traveling is a huge expense weather it a nice local wedding with minimal gas to get there you will still be expected to spend the night in the hotel, which could mean boarding your animals and then food the next morning. If it an out of state wedding you are looking at so much more, round trip airplane tickets, hotel, food, and car rentals. These could all amount to over $1000. Donít forget all the gas to take the bride out, the florist, the cake tasting, dress shopping, dress fitting, and more while planning the wedding.

While these expenses rack up fast being a bridesmaid is a great honor that you and your friend will never forget.